T3-NO-SF (Small Foot)

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T3-NO-BF (Big Foot)

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All the advantages of the SF series, plus:

A model with a starting set of all necessary functions. Remote control or integration with external controllers is provided
The basic model without readers is supplemented with standalone hardware and software ability to count passages and monitor the number of people indoors. The turnstile will automatically block the entrance when the number of people indoors reaches the set limit. Implemented 2 schemes of work:Single turnstile v.1.2;Master turnstile v.1.2 and synchronous connection of up to 3 additional turnstiles v.1 for collaboration.The counter module is used to record quantitative data and synchronize turnstiles. The Android application Mater Card is used for configuration. The Android application Visitor Counter is used for monitoring the STOP-COVID solution.
Basic model with readers allows offline access control mode for up to 4000 users. Flexible tools for entering users into the turnstile memory are provided. Built-in readers for access cards of two E-Marine or Mifare standards are combined with color indicators of passage. Built-in autonomous memory for 4000 users uses a set of features of the company's ANDROID App "Master Card". 


Control under the turnstile arm

- control of unauthorized passage under the turnstile arm is carried out by installing additional infrared sensors in the turnstile column under the corresponding arm and by firmware upgrading of the turnstile control board using specialized free soft.

Memory for 4,000 events 

- Memory module is designed to record up to 4,000 events (passage, direction, personnel ID, etc.). For further work with received data, it is uploaded to PC or Android device via a secure Wi-Fi channel in the *.XML table format 

Wi-Fi RC plate

- The remote uses a Wi-Fi connection channel for remote control of turnstiles and checkpoints. It is made on the basis of a two-button switch of industrial design with IP54 rating. It is characterized by increased wear resistance. It can be used as both backup and main remote. - the RC plate is supplied with: USB power cable; power adapter 220V – USB.

Counter module

- The counter module is used to record quantitative data and synchronous turnstiles.The MaterCard Android application is used for configuration.